Paul Weiss

Prof. Paul Weiss
University of California, Los Angeles

Professor Paul S. Weiss is a Distinguished Professor of the University of California, Los Angeles, president of the California Institute of Nano system, ACS Nano editor, now the American Physical Society (APS), American Chemical Society (ACS), the American Vacuum Society and other important academic organizations Fellow, American Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Senior Member (IEEE). Mainly engaged in physical chemistry and atomic scale, molecular devices, nanolithography, biophysics and neuroscience and other fields, he has received a number of important international awards.

Prof. Taeghwan Hyeon
Seoul National University

Professor Hyeon, Taeghwan is a Distinguished Professor of the Seoul National University, SNU Distinguished Fellow, Associate Editor of J. Am. Chem. Soc.,the Director of Center for Nanoparticle Research, Institute for Basic Science. His recent research focuses on designed fabrication of multifunctional nanostructured materials based on uniform nanoparticles and their bio-medical and energy applications.
Ben Zhong Tang

Prof. Benzhong Tang
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Professor Ben Zhong Tang is Stephen K. C. Cheong Professor of Science and Chair Professor of Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). He is spearheading the research on “aggregation-induced emission” (AIE), which was ranked no. 2 in the areas of Chemistry and Materials Science by Thomson Reuters in its report on Research Fronts 2015. He was elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in 2009 and 2013, respectively. He received a Natural Science Award from the Chinese Government and a Senior Research Fellowship from the Croucher Foundation in 2007. He is now serving as Editor-in-Chief of Materials Chemistry Frontiers (RSC).
Zhongfan Liu

Prof. Zhongfan Liu
Peking University

Professor Zhongfan Liu is a professor of the Peking University (1993- ), Changjiang Scholar (1999- ), Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2011), NSFC Distinguished Young Scholar (1994), Director of the Center for Nanochemistry (CNC), Director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University (2006- ). He is spearheading the research on nano-carbon material and the CVD growth method of two-dimensional atomic crystal material, Carbon Materials Chemistry, new nano optoelectronic devices and wearable technology.

Professor Diane J. Burgess
University of Connecticut

Professor Diane J. Burgess was appointed Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics at the University of Connecticut in 2009. She is a fellow of AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) and of AIMBE (American Institute for Medical Biological Engineering). She is a member of the USP Biopharmaceutics Expert committee and the USP Advisory Panel on Injectables. Dr. Burgess is editor of the International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2009– ). Dr. Burgess also serves on the editorial boards of seven international journals.
Khademhosseini Ali

Prof. Khademhosseini Ali
Harvard University

Professor Ali Khademhosseini is a Professor at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and a faculty at the Harvard-MIT's Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST), Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and as well as an Associate Faculty at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. Dr. Khademhosseini is an Associate Editor for ACS Nano. His research is based on developing micro- and nanoscale biomaterials to control cellular behavior with particular emphasis in developing engineered materials and systems for tissue engineering.

Prof. Yuliang Zhao
Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS)

Professor Yuliang Zhao is the founder and director of CAS Key Laboratory for Biomedical Effects of Nanomaterials and Nanosafety and the Deputy Director-General of National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of China. Prof. Zhao is well-known for his studies on toxicological properties of manufactured nanomaterials and cancer nanomedicines. He is the author of over 240 publications, 10 books, and 17 book chapters. He has been recognized for his accomplishments with about 20 national and international awards, including the National Award for Natural Sciences. He serves as Associate Editor/Advisory Editorial Board member for 7 SCI journals.